Why You Should Join Our Club

Welcome to the Yonkers Rod and Gun Club.  The club itself dates back to the early 1900's.  It was originally established in Yonkers, New York.  In 1956 a parcel of land was bought in Green River, New York.  This has been the location of the club ever since. 

The club represents the great tradition of hunting and target shooting. Many of the current members are descendants or friends of the founding members that original built the camp one room at a time. The passing down of this family tradition is what makes the club strong, and a big reason why the club has been so successful.

While deer hunting season is the most popular with the club, there are many other ways to enjoy the camp. Turkey seasons in the Spring and Fall are also very popular. Beyond hunting, the shooting range is a great place to sight in your rifle or do some skeet shooting. The Social Weekends are also a great time to get together, have some great food, and talk about past and future hunting seasons.

We look forward to many more generations of family and friends enjoying this great club, and this great tradition.

What's Great About Our Club?

It hasn't changed in 40 years, and that's a good thing! Sure, there's a new roof, or maybe a new couch in the den, but the great heart and soul of the club has not changed. We have a great group of members that appreciate what the club means. The members have done a fantastic job of keeping the place running, and making it a great retreat to get away from the rat race. There is no better time than standing around the fire, telling stories, remembering the old times, and looking forward to what's next!